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Duygu Çakmak


Duygu Çakmak is a Project Technical Director at Creative Assembly for the BAFTA award-winning Total War series. She oversees the general technical direction of their next unannounced historical tentpole game. With a diverse background ranging from web to game AI development, she joined Creative Assembly in 2015 as an AI programmer. In this role, she aimed to achieve realistic game AI for the Total war series while writing new AI systems and features for the Campaign mode, and developing visualization tools for AI auto-play tests. She has been credited in Total War: Warhammer, Total War: Warhammer II, and Total War: Three Kingdoms. 



Like many other AAA games, developing a Total War game is a long and challenging endeavour. Numerous new game systems, engine features, and a lot of content is developed by multiple teams over the course of many years. In this presentation, I would like to primarily focus on the AI development aspect of the Total War franchise. I will be giving a behind-the-scenes perspective on the problem domain, as well as the constraints and challenges that it comes with. I will then move onto how our multi-disciplinary AI teams work together to achieve creating successful AI systems from start to finish. Finally, I will look towards the future, and touch on potential R&D topics that we are excited about.  

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